Mohabbat ka Taweez

4 Apr

Mohabbat ka Taweez

Mohabbat ka Taweez,One simply cannot live without love. It can be considered as part of one’s soul. However, there is a big difference between love and lust. The first major big difference is that love is life-long whilst lust is quick-lived. Secondly, love is a non-selfish feeling and lust is a self-centered wish. Third, in love, people take care of others while, in lust, people care only for on their own. Regarding love, it can be associated with two types, i. e. bright love and worldly love. The divine love is really a holy enthusiasm.

On the other hand, the actual worldly love can be associated with further two types. The love for prosperity and the really like for human beings. The love with regard to humans is again the holy enthusiasm. It may be with moms and dads, brothers and sisters, kids, the opposite gender, and the individuals in common.

Mohabbat ka Taweez

You have the verse 63 of Surah Al-Anfal of the Noble Quran:

And (Allah) created love in their hearts (and brought them together). If you had spent all (the wealth) that is in the earth, you would not have been able to bring their hearts together. But Allah brought (their hearts) together (in love).

Here here are some points for amal if you keep these factors then the result will be totally InshAllah.

Read it only for Marriage

Keeping the Halal Meals always
During the Amal/wazifa you should have to follow all Islamic Guidelines i. e. five times prayers. Speaking truth, pay attention and obey parents/teachers/elders, do not harm anyone, etc…
You should have to get permission for this method
If the Lover or beloved one is affected by Magic, Genie (Jinnat) effects so you should have to cure it
If you Pray 2 Rakat every day of Salat o Toba so better, at least you pray the first time when you begin the amal/wazifa
Read Prior to and right after 7 or 11 Times Darood Shareef
During the mall, you have to focus about your beloved one and by the end of wazifa say his/her name with mother name and yours together with mother name and then blow within mind upon him/her
Begin amal on Monday or Thursday or Friday
Don’t tell regarding your amal to any one. And do not be fade up
Prior to starting amal better if you give/do Some Sadqa (as much u can afford easily) to give food even 1 needy/hungry particular person

kala jadu ka wazifa

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